Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Foundation limit its funding to girl-only or women’s-only programming?
The Foundation will provide support programs that serve women and girls within gender-specific or co-ed organizations. However, organizations that serve a majority of girls or women, but do not provide evidence of a thoughtful gender analysis that addresses the unique needs of women and girls will likely not be a good fit for the priorities of the Foundation.

Will the foundation acknowledge receipt of my proposal?
Yes, you will generally receive confirmation via email within a few days of submission.

How can I learn more about the foundation’s funding interests?
Please see our guidelines at: Anna B. Stearns Charitable Foundation Guidelines

How do I apply to the foundation? What are the deadlines?
Please check the website for funding guidelines. Proposals are due May 1 for an August grantmaking meeting, or November 1 for a February meeting

Can I fax or email my proposal?
Please submit your proposal, including all required attachments, using our online system. Applications will be accepted until midnight on the day of the deadline, but please note that no one will be available to answer questions about the process after 4pm.

What types of organizations are eligible for funding?
Funding requests will be considered from Massachusetts-based non-profit organizations, as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. Applying organizations must be based in or must serve a majority of clients from the cities of Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea and/or Somerville.

Does the foundation provide funding for multi-year projects?
Yes, the Foundation may provide up to three years of multi-year funding to a select number of applicants, most of whom have an established relationship with the Foundation.

How much funding may we apply for?
The Foundation’s grants generally range from $5,000 to $25,000.

How many applications do you receive and how many get funded? For each of its two funding cycles, the Foundation generally receives 40-50 proposals, and funds 20-25 requests.

Does the foundation have a required proposal format? Does the foundation have a required reporting format?
Please see the How to Apply section of the website, and note that this may change from year to year. The content of our online application is similar to AGM’s Common Proposal Form, and you will be asked to submit the AGM Budget Template and Diversity Data Form as attachments when you apply. Final reports are now submitted online as part of the application process.

Do you meet with applicants?
As a part of the foundation’s due diligence process, staff will often meet with or interview applicants, or conduct site visits to observe programs.